Essential characteristics of an IT professional

IT professionals must be very flexible as regards several factors that govern the work culture of the IT industry. The most important factor is time. IT industry is not set to work on the pattern of 9AM to 5PM type of offices. In fact, the duration of work may extend as per the project deadline and the seriousness of work.

The new comers to this profession must keep time constraints in mind. The workdays may be routine type at times while they may be too hectic at some other times. Moreover, in the case of genuine reasons the authorities do consider giving breaks to the employees from an ethical perspective. The weekend breaks are usually there in most of the IT companies but there may be exceptions due to project deadlines.

Now comes the turn of being flexible in terms of working platform. Time and again, the companies get projects that have different platform requirements. It may be suitable to write the code for a project in Java and for the other in Visual Basic for instance. The professionals must not show resistance towards learning how to work with a language they have not worked before. They must learn to accept the challenge and move ahead. One surely will learn a lot from such an experience.

Flexibility is a characteristic that really makes life very easy in the professional world. Flexibility helps to come out of one’s shell and breathe in a free world where there are no self imposed constraints. Be flexible…. Be yourself…..

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