IPS academy hosting 24 foreign students

As a part of cultural exchange programme  is running under the aegis of Association of international students in science ,economics & commerce (AIESEC) . And the project called sanidhya-2that translates to bringing the world together for a cause. This programme being hosted by IPS academy.

Explaining the rationale of the project ,vice president of AIESEC said India is not the only country being hit by scams & scandals .Portugal,china,russia poland also suffers heavily at the hand of corrupt politicians ,we learnt the fact while interacting with theses students who have come from different part of the world.He further added that these students will perform various activities including teaching of children of prisoners ,interaction with college students in panel discussions. The day of Independence they would also be showcasing the vulture of their respectives countries by putting up stalls for the event Global Village.

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