The Power of Creative Visualization

We know that “Visualization” is the art or method of imagining something in the mind and the meaning of “creativity” is an optimistic aspect or way of putting our skills and available material together to create, innovate or generate something. When we start visualizing something that is presently non-existent on the material plane and also align our thoughts in the same direction, with the clear intent of materializing it; the process is termed as creative visualization.  Many have been successful at turning their dreams into reality using this technique.

Creative visualization makes one hopeful and helps to harness the innate power of the mind to create something. This may also include a materialization of one’s wishes through the power of positive thinking. Many individuals have regularly visualized themselves doing the task they love; which may also include a dream profession and have also put together their honest effort in this regard and have found wonderful results coming their way. At times, the results were even better than what one might have initially expected. Though one cannot guarantee the results of this technique whose roots are indeed esoteric in nature but the method is worth a try if one has tried many alternative methods and has not succeeded.

If you are not good at visualization skills, you may better write the finest details of what you wish to materialize on a piece of paper in the form of an affirmation. One may even write the affirmation in a notebook 21 times for 21 days or simply chant the affirmation with love and gratitude towards the nurturing power of the universe that many call “God”. Every chant or affirmation writing effort is going to add up to the energy of the materialization process. This is all based on your intent and of course it also depends on whether you really deserve what you are asking for. Moreover, the importance of hard work for achieving one’s goals cannot be undermined.

Be it good health or good financial position or a good score on examination; people have given this technique a try and have found improvements occurring in the formerly weaker zones of their lives. This method and its variations have helped many and will continue to help those who really wish to embrace change in their lives. Creative visualization technique is indeed a great help. So start creating your wish list and work on one wish at a time. All the very best…..

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