Free Video Lecture Websites for Students !

Looking for free online courses and video lecturers ? There are many websites that aims to reinvent the today’s education system and let students to develop a deep understanding of core concepts in each subject . Here are a few useful websites/ YouTube channels that will demonstrate difficult concepts in an effective articulated manner by videos thereby helping you to save your money and time.



Academic EarthAcademic Earth is the best website to begin looking for free online video lectures. They offers thousands of video lectures from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Princeton IITs, Yale and other colleges and universities. You can easily access  videos from the world’s distinguished scholars, scientists and professors at one website.

MIT open Course Ware : MIT OpenCourseWare offers free online course materials under creative common license. Students can easily browse the course by department , watch and then download the videos on a particular topic. You will also see subtitles ( in English) on every video tutorial and this feature makes this website to stand out of other similar websites. Also see – Free Courses By UC Berkley.

Khan Academy : On khan academy, Salman khan is teaching students the concepts of physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, finance, biology and economics for free. Salman not only explain a fundamental concept but explores why it is so. Over thousands of people enjoy his teaching on its official YouTube Channel . Salman Khan’s work is praised by Bill Gates- even Bill Gates uses Khan Academy tutorials to teach his kids .

YouTube videos by NPTEL: NPTEL is a initiative by Indian Government to enhance the reach and quality of technical education in the country. As a part of project , the faculty at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute Of Science (IISc ) have recorded over 4000+ video lectures stored on YouTube at nptelhrdchannel. The videos are based AICTE approved courses and give benefits to engineering students in India.

Other Video Lectures Repositories : Websites such as Cosmo Learning, FreeVideoLectures (* Good) aims to aggregate free courses from a number of universities and individual tutors. You can search for hard-to-find topics with these websites and get mixed stuff from all around the world.

Why Should you visit these websites ?

  • 1.)  To get a better understanding of topics in any subject.
  • 2.) Focused learning : learn what you don’t know and skip over the topics you already know.
  • 3.) Less Expensive : you will find these online classes are very inexpensive compared tuitions or coaching.
  • 4.) Learn at any time and anywhere : the flexibility of online learning is one of its greatest benefit. These websites help you to avoid schedule conflicts- you can learn when you want at any place.
  • 5.) Free access to Videos: you don’t need to pay even a single penny  to websites.
  • 6.) You can sign up for the most of the website discussed above to ask questions,collaborate and give help to others.

Side note : Online learning has gained popularity and online learning content  is now available freely everywhere and can be access on the web. Students can learn a lot by watching the videos of the lectures.


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