Why become Mobile Developer?

If you are interested in mobile development and seeking the opportunity as mobile developer, I will say you are in right place and you are going to choose right path for your future. When you complete your Computer Science or Engineering, you would have load of options to choose where should I go, in which platform? I preferred Mobile development Platform and I am going to write about the future of mobile developers and how can we sustain our life.
As a mobile developer you will have opportunity to learn new tool and technology. All you need to know to start mobile developing is your basic OOP programming C++ and / or Java. Once you have strong knowledge of any OOP language (preferred C++) getting started with development of mobile devices won’t take long.
After huge success of iPhone, different mobile platform invented the different mobile devices and respective developer programs. The Developer Program is the best opportunity for the programmers as well as the owner of developer program. The iPhone got only success because it has app store with millions of quality apps which would be sold directly to the iPhone users. The most quality apps in the appstore, more the customers will be satisfied and all these apps are made by the developers who are registered in their program.
The android development program is also getting huge success after Apple. It has lots of free apps than paid apps. Any development platform will succeed only if it has quality apps in their market app store. And market will have quality apps only if they have good and great developers. So, you can be that developer and sustain your life, selling your app in your app store after getting registered in their developer program.
You can register as either individual or as a company. All the provisioning and device certificates are managed with developer program. All you have to do is pay certain charge per year and submit as much as you can in their market place for selling. For Apple iPhone developer program you have to pay $99 per year, for Android developer program ($25 registration fee). For more about comparison between iPhone and Android Developer Program read this article.
Opportunities And Scope
As a mobile developer you can create your own business. Most of the work could be the client work but you can create your own games without having to depend with other clients. Games are one of the most sold apps in all appstore which is great opportunity for us. All mobile owners would definitely want to play games in their mobile along with other tasks. Blackberry platform has its developer and market share declining day by day because it’s very hard to make game in Blackberry platform and sell it. So, most analysts says, it is a dying platform in mobile world. And as for the scope, you guys know we all have smart phones. Without phones, life sucks.

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