Mobile Apps is future of LifeStyle -said Virat Khutal, CEO of Twist Mobile

Today Press Conference held at Hotel Fortune Landmark by Twist Mobile indore based company. Mr. Virat CEO of the twist mobile shared their success story with Nokia App Store. Our company have achieved more then 20 million downloads in Nokia store in 8 months, which is great achievement for Nokia as well as App developers Twist mobile. We have released 25 products in Nokia App store. Twist is part of Nokia Millionaire club. They were awarded during Developer conference in Bangalore by Nokia on 4th Nov 2011.

Twist have achieved this success with 8 applications crossing 1 million download mark. They focus on camera and entertainment segment in mobile phone. Company released Psycho Hunter game, which received 1 million downloads in 15 days in Nokia store. It was simple game for personality analysis based on your game play. This shows the power and reach of Nokia App Store for local developers.

Twist was invited at Nokia World 2011 at London for keynote speech. Highlight for twist success was discussed by Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO during Nokia World. Indore position was displayed at London for innovation and contribution of twist for Nokia Eco-System.

Twist shared some important keynotes for future of Mobile App industry and usage pattern. App industry is growing due to downloading from urban and rural 2G and 3G customers. Usage of Apps and Games is increasing with very rapid speed in India. India has around 60 million subscribers using mobile internet. India has around 60 million subscribers using mobile internet.

Twist is very excited with Nokia Connecting Next Billion strategy. They think Nokia strategy to take mobile phone for masse s and general public would increase their app reach. They have displayed images of Rural India using image upload on facebook and twitter using Nokia Phones. The usage pattern of mobile internet is increasing at every corner of Mobile Industry. Nokia has launched Asha series phones. This phones would be best fit for Twist Mobile Apps and market segment.

Twist is able to distribute application to world wide audience due to Nokia reach in global scale. Twist has achieved 45% downloads in Asia and 30% downloads in Europe. Twist think market would grow exponentially for them in North America and Europe due to launch of Windows phones. They have started developing Mobile apps for Nokia Windows Phone. Twist is able to achieve this success due to local support from Nokia.

Twist has philosophy of hiring engineering students from Indore. They believe lot of brain drain is happening from Madhya Pradesh due to lack of opportunity.  Engineers migration can be solved local companies and leadership. Twist feel Indore can become innovation hub due to talent pool as well as cost structure.

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