Self Assessment Test On Mobile!

The school of electronics has devised a new programme wherein students can take up self assessment tests on various subjects on their mobile phones. The developer of the programme Prof Keerti Pawar, who has designed it for Windows phone of versions 4.0 to 6.5, told that it is devised in a way that the user can mark for every right or wrong answer. Later, the student can check his/her assessment through the graph that depicts performance in all the tests undertaken.

She is looking for students who are preparing for technical exams. “According to our research, there is no other such m-program available in the country till now,” she added. DAVV is planning to expand the programme to different courses and subjects.

Students could prepare for competitive examinations through a newly developed self- learning and evaluation system using ‘m-education’ programme. This enables users to take up a self assessment test as well as tutorial lessons on their mobile phones. Presently, only school of electronics uses this system which will soon be expanded to the other departments.

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