Another IT Company in the City

Information Technology Company ,US- based has expressed its desire to establish a centre in the city and requested the State Government to allot five- acre land for the purpose.
This was revealed by Industry Minister Kailash Vijayvergiya. The minister said that the representatives of the company had met with the government recently. They had surveyed land in Bhopal and Indore and finally set on Indore and requested for five acre land.
Vijayvergiya also said that company had stated that they would start construction as soon as land is allotted to them and added that the company would provide employment to 2,000 persons at its Indore centre.
Vijayvergiya further said that at least 20 IT companies under ‘B’and ‘C’category have evinced their keen interest in setting up centres in the State. He said that the government was studying their proposals and a decision in this regard would be taken soon.

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