In IIT-JEE 2012,5 lakh aspirants to appear

In 2008, the Indian Institute of Technology opened themselves to the world; looking for some diversity on campus, they travelled to Dubai and held their brutally competitive Joint Entrance Exam there.

But the fifth edition of this exam there has nothing to boast about: Candidate count has been around the same; in fact it has fallen this year to 186. In the previous years, students signing up to take the JEE from Dubai hovered around 200 to 220.

On Sunday, this small bunch of students will be joined by another 5.06 lakh teenagers in India for whom taking the JEE has become a staple for signing up for an engineering education. Overall, candidate numbers are up from last year’s 4.86 lakh and the IITs have increased the exam centres to 1,067 this year. But this exam will also probably be the last of the JEEs as we know it. There are close to 9,590 seats spread across 15 IITs and competition will be stiff with 53 candidates battling it out for one seat.

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