Useful Applications for Android

There are plenty of Android Apps out there which are designed to be fun and entertaining, but not all of them have practical applications in the real world. Here is a quick overview of some of the most useful apps for Android smartphones .

Bringing advanced photo editing capabilities to Android smartphones, this app allows you to completely re-imagine your favourite snaps by applying a host of filters and effects.
Online auction site eBay sells millions of items and you have to be eagle-eyed and on the ball if you want to bag a bargain and place the winning bid. It even allows you to scan in barcodes using your handset`s camera and then search for the item on the eBay marketplace, so you can see whether it is cheaper online than it is in store.
This app is designed to identify precisely how your phone is accessing data and identify the most info-hungry functions of your phone so that you can shut down any errant processes and save yourself some money in the long run.
If you use online storage service DropBox then this app will be a useful way of transferring photographs over to your account without having to go around the houses
Paper Camera
It turns the world in front of your phone`s camera into a hand-drawn wonderland right in front of your eyes and it will really take advantage of the power of upcoming handsets.

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