Improvement in Technical Education

The Government has taken several steps to improve the quality of technical education. National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF) has been launched to create a skill and productive work force that matches international standards of quality and productivity through integration of vocational education and training with main stream education.

Apart from this, a revamped programme of Finishing Schools would also help in enhancing the employability of engineering graduate andAICTE has various schemes such as Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) scheme for improvement of faculty. The World bank funded TEQIP II also caters to improving the quality of technical education in the country. This Rs. 2430 Crore project will cover 200 institutions in the country out of which 20% will be private engineering colleges. Moreover, the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) has been set up to regulate and monitor the quality of engineering education in the country through a revised accreditation system which is outcome based.

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