New generation of engineering

Engineering is one of the traditional disciplines, which a large number of students still aspire to get into as they complete +2. However, at present, the discipline is not just limited to its fundamental branches like civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Rather, the fundamentals have fragmented into a number of modern concepts such as computer engineering , information technology, electronics and communication, among others.
Since information technology has had its boom in the last couple of years, the focus has now shifted to computer engineering and electronics and communication, which are the two emerging areas within the discipline . Both programmes revolve around modern technology, which is one of the reasons why the number of takers is increasing every year.
India is developing into a software market and the talent pool in this sector is growing as well. Globally too, interdependence between economies has grown.
The development of applications is called middleware technology, which is attracting students. New Age career prospects in engineering include development of middleware technology, website design, electronic design automation, consultancies, embedded systems, etc.

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