Passion into Profession : Photography

People limit photography only to their hobbies and not many take it as a profession. But the scenario is changing. Taking pictures is not mere an act it’s an art of story-telling. Photography has a part to play in almost everything let it be magazines, online marketing, social networking, posters, journalism and street hoardings etc.
Photography offers a number of opportunities and the range of the fields that you can venture into.
Wedding Photography is the highly money making genre of Photography and largely accepted by Photographers.
Product Photography is taking pictures of items and products produced or sold by the company for the purpose of advertising and selling.
Portrait Photography is capturing moments with main focus on people. A good portrait photographer can do very well as a Wedding Photographer.
Event Photography is covering pictures from social events to celeb parties.
Fashion Photography is indulging in the field where one works with the models, fashion houses and designer houses.
Photo Journalist provides the press with pictures that are relevant to the daily news and events.
Fine Art Photography click photographs which are sold as an art form.
Photo Essay is presenting a story with the help of series of photographs.
Travel Photographers can narrate a story and give audience a genuine and firsthand experience with the help of photographs.
Wildlife Photography in this field you cover the nature and animal kingdom in their most habitual conditions.
Industrial Photography click photographs of machinery, merchandise, industrial layout, workers at work etc.
Forensic Photography taking pictures at crime scenes from all possible angles with great emphasis on details in order to help the police or detective agencies.
Scientific Photography is used for scientific publications and research reports.

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