Career Option in Software Industry

Choosing a career path in software industry is a tough decision. There are more requirements for entry level jobs especially in the roles of a developer, networking specialist, tester or support engineer.
Software Programmer – A Software Programmer understands the business requirements and writes code for the given business requirement. A software programmer must have an in-depth understanding of the software development life cycle stages.
Software Test/QA engineer – A Test engineer evaluates the quality of software developed by software programmers. The key responsibilities of a test engineer include understanding the requirements, writing test cases, testing the software application, filing the defects and ensuring the defects filed are tracked to closure.
Network Engineer – The network engineer’s role in the IT industry is very crucial. The responsibilities include monitoring the application/web server to ensure that the application is up and running, handle user/customer issues and assist the developers in deployment/maintenance of the application.
Software Support Engineer – They provide desktop support by assisting employees with their desktop/laptop setup/Server Support, maintain the servers in data centers and provide hardware/software assistance in case of system breakdown.
Technical Support Engineers help in the examination of network server equipment and it’s maintenance, networking and connecting computers within the same organization to enhance communication, handle network, virus, malicious software, and hardware support issues.

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