New teaching tool by Microsoft

There are several schools in the city that have already started using multimedia tools for teaching. But little is done other than beyond making the class go through audio visual topics on smart boards, there is little else that is happening at the moment . Instead of reading out from the text book, the teacher just lets her students go through the topic on the screen. In most cases, the topics are designed by software professionals abroad and do not take the Indian context into consideration.

Naturally, it catches the attention of the top students, while the remaining just get bored. Most of what is discussed, does generate interest among the top students as is natural, but fails to catch the attention of the remaining students, who are just as bored.

In order to break away from this mould, Microsoft – the world’s leading software solutions provider – has come forward to help schools improve the quality of teaching-learning as part of its corporate social responsibility.

It has designed several subject-wise teaching tools suited to the English medium syllabi taught in the national school boards – the CBSE and the ICSE or ISC.

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