Wimax Technology

Wimax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Wimax technology is a telecommunications technology that offers transmission of wireless data via a number of transmission methods; such as portable or fully mobile internet access via point to multipoints links. The Wimax technology offers around 72 Mega Bits per second without any need for the cable infrastructure. Wimax technology is based on Standard that is IEEE 802.16, it usually also called as Broadband Wireless Access. WiMAX Forum created the name for Wimax technology that was formed in Mid June 2001 to encourage compliance and interoperability of the Wimax IEEE 802.16 standard. Wimax technology is actually based on the standards that making the possibility to delivery last mile broadband access as a substitute to conventional cable and DSL lines.
Wimax (802.16) technology often misinterpreted by the people by the names of mobile WiMAX, 802.16d, fixed WiMAX and 802.16e. Actually 802.16-2004 or 802.16d is developed by the third party as a standard and it is also referred to called as Fixed WiMAX because this standard is lacking behind just because of the non-mobility feature that’s why it’s often called as Fixed WiMAX. During the maturity period of Wimax (802.16) technology some of the amendments were made to the above mentioned 802.16d and they referred this amending standard as 802.16e. 802.16e introduced mobility and some other features amongst other standards and is also known as Mobile WiMAX.

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