Web Design Trends 2012

Mobile Device Compatibility
With the increasing popularity of tablet technology and smart phones, web designers must adapt to new standards. With different screen resolutions its difficult to accommodate the whole site in small mobile screen. Instead of having to create a separate, lackluster site, CSS3 allows web designers to accommodate mobile technology into the website design. One of the most important advances is that you can design a whole site and allow your coding to conform to the user’s viewing medium.
Parallax scrolling
The Parallax effect or parallax scrolling in web design is the technique that features layered images that move around the website in different speeds/perspectives creating a nice and interesting 3D illusion. It can be done with the help of simple CSS tricks, jQuery plugins, HTML5, JavaScript and even Flash
Responsive Web Design
Responsive web design is a different approach of web design using this technology one can create a flexible website layout that dynamically fits into the screen of every device at any resolution, from desktop to laptop and from browser supported smart phones to any kind of mobile devices. This technique enables web developers to create one version of the website that fits in all devices rather then creating different version of the same website for different devices.

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