Haptic Glove Gives You Piano Lessons

Musical Glove Georgia Tech researchers built this wireless musical glove, which may improve sensation and motor skills for people with paralyzing spinal cord injury. Mobile Music Touch was successfully used by individuals with limited feeling or movement in their hands due to tetraplegia.
A new wireless glove that can teach piano lessons could help people with spinal cord injuries regain some motor control, according to researchers at Georgia Tech. The fingerless gloves buzz to indicate which piano keys to play, and people who used it in a study experienced improved sensation in their fingers.

The glove connects to a computer or MP3 player, which is programmed with a specific song or piano piece. This is also connected to a piano with light-up keys. As the keys are illuminated, the glove sends a vibration to the corresponding finger, indicating where and when to tap. This way, the user learns the proper keystroke patterns and memorizes the song.

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