Jodhpur Boy Selected By Google To Talk On Open Source

India has come a long way as far as its presence in the open source technology world is concerned. Google has invited a Jodhpur boy to talk about open source technology to its headquarters in October.

Aditya Maheshwari, a youth from Jodhpur has been selected among the 50 computer experts from across the globe by Google for its ‘Mentor Summit’. The summit is scheduled to be held at Google’s headquarter in California on 20-21 October this year.
Maheshwari will be presenting a paper on ‘How to attract youth for contribution in development cycle of open source world’. He is chosen as the student mentor of ‘Google Summer of Code 2012’ for playing an important role as the on-line project guide on the international level.

Maheshwari said, “The summit will have three components including how to improve the programme, how Google can do more for open source and how mentors and representatives of development communities can help one another.” He is among the only two Indians invited at the event and also the youngest among the participants. It is worth mentioning here that the summit aims to bring together the mentors of the ‘Google Summer of Code 2012’. Google Summer Code is a programme for student developers where the participants are offered stipends to write code for various open source software projects.

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