Soon College Blackboard become Past

BHOPAL: Boring classroom of universities and colleges across the state is likely to come in for change in coming days after smart classes replace traditional ways of teaching on blackboards.

The government is carrying out an exercise to implement the system that has already been used by some private schools in Bhopal. A committee has already been formed to prepare a report on the viability of the smart classes in colleges.

Smart Class is a solution designed to help teachers to face new challenges and developing students’ abilities and performance. It helps teacher access multimedia content and information that can be used for teaching students more effectively, a department official explained.

Highlighting components of smart class, joint director, higher education department, KM Jain, said: “It is nothing, but a unique and latest way to teach students. For example, Instead of blackboard, a broad screen is used on the wall (like blackboard) and a projector is fixed on the roof so as its rays reflect on the screen. This technique works like a computer screen and also like a blackboard,” he said.

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