Four Indians among the finalists in global MBA challenge

MUMBAI: A global team of seven MBA graduates and students representing different international universities, with four Indians, have come up with a concept of using games, loyalty schemes and versatile glasses to overcome the stigma that children wearing spectacles have to face in North-East India.

Their team ‘Team RiteSight’ has been chosen as one of six finalists in the Financial Times (FT) MBA challenge for their idea. Of the four Indians, two MBA graduates, are working in collaboration with an NGO called SightSavers (it works in developing countries to combat blindness, and also has significant presence in India) to try and fight this global problem. “We were given two case studies of two girls from developing countries, on how they suffered due to constant bullying and teasing from their friends and family members. The eyesight of these girls deteriorated after avoiding the use of glasses for long. We were asked to address the social stigma that is attached to the use of glasses,” said Aaron Basaiawmoit, one of the team members.

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