social media ‘open up’ For Indore Markets

With 50 million Facebook accounts along with 15 and 17 million users of Twitter and LinkedIn respectively in India, social media marketing is becoming an inevitable strategy for industries of all classifications, market experts said.

Indore being leading two tier city of the country is highly receptive to the marketing strategy with a large number of users accessing social networking sites every day. There are 5, 43, 500 users of Facebook in Indore.

Digital Vidya founder and CEO, Pradeep Chopra who was in Indore for a seminar at the Prestige Institute of Management and Research, says that consumer goods industry is the largest adopter of social media marketing today.

“Consumer goods are making maximum use of this medium for sales and marketing. It is because people are directly related to these goods and social media is widely accessed in the country,” he said.

Explaining the effectiveness of social media in marketing for consumer goods, Chopra said, “After realising that Hippo chips were not available in various places, the company used Twitter to deal with the inventory problem. They enabled users to place their order on the networking site and the problem was solved”.

“Other sectors including the marketing sector and finance are also using this as their key tool,” he added.Talking about the necessity of a skilled approach for social media marketing, Chopra said that the advertisements should be intelligently developed to captivate the attention of potential customers.

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