Indore joins nationwide protest, remains bandh

The bandh called for on Thursday to protest the hike in prices of diesel fuel, capping on LPG cylinders and allowing Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) in multi brand retail sector by BJP and its allies along with nine other political parties was complete success in the city.

Trade unions, transport associations and business associations too participated in the bandh.

In Indore bandh was largely successful. Even the tea and snack kiosks which operate on sly during such bandhs remained closed as well as cinema theatres, shopping malls, all major markets, including small markets in residential areas, grain markets, vegetable markets and petrol pumps, barring a few, remained closed.

Whatever establishments were open were closed by BJP functionaries and therefore entire city was closed. The BJP functionaries chose to give away a days ”rashan’or in some cases flowers and asked the shop owners to close their shops.

However, Tata Magic vans and city buses plied throughout the city and untoward incident was reported during the bandh.

Schools and colleges had already declared holiday due to bandh and children enjoyed their holiday playing game of cricket on deserted roads.

Since auto rickshaws were off the road, those arriving by trains and buses in the city had tough time reaching their respective homes although passengers arriving early in the morning did not have the same problem.

In view of the bandh, the police had blanketed the city with tight security arrangements. An additional force of 300 personnel was requisitioned and as many as 25 buses were kept ready on hand to arrest trouble makers.

Though Tata Magic vans and city buses plied in the city, inter city and inter state transport was off the roads barring two routes.

Busses to Bhopal and Sendhwa left Sarwate Bus Stand with passengers but buses on other routes remained off roads.

Trucks were also off roads because of the steep hike in diesel fuel price.

Daily wage earners were found at their designated places seeking to earn a few rupees but in view of bandh there were a few takers and most had to return home empty handed. Persons who live on day- to- day basis suffered most and there was no one who cared for them.

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