Mystery of Giant Eyeball on Beach Solved

Fish and wildlife officials have pinpointed the likely source of a giant blue eyeball that washed ashore on a Florida beach last week. After examinations, researchers said they believe the mysterious orb was cut from a swordfish and tossed overboard by a fisherman.
“Experts on site and remotely have viewed and analyzed the eye, and based on its color, size and structure, along with the presence of bone around it, we believe the eye came from a swordfish,” Joan Herrera, of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) research institute, said in a statement Monday (Oct. 15). “Based on straight-line cuts visible around the eye, we believe it was removed by a fisherman and discarded.”
In the Atlantic Ocean swordfish can reach a whopping 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms), and at this time of year it’s common for fishers to catch them off the coast of south Florida, according to the FWC. The agency said genetic testing will be done to confirm the identification.

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