10th & 12th class students to now take exams at other centres

In a bid to put an end to group-cheating, Board of Secondary Education has ordered private and government schools to arrange for other schools as examination centres for 10th & 12th class students. This means that students will now have to go to other centres to take annual examinations.
For the last 2 years, the examinations were being held in the same school where students were studying. Although, according to reports, the Centre Superintendent & the school staff would be changed, but it did not yield desired results. Recently, the issue came up during the meeting of Board of Secondary Education’s Examination Committee where it was decided to take the necessary step.
Allowing students of different schools to take exams at the Centre has also been proposed during the meeting, the decision on which will be taken at a later time. Examination Committee’s Arvind Bundi said that only those schools will be chosen as the examination centres which can accomodate atleast 250 students.

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