Indore: Principals for teaching-learning sync

Over 500 CBSE affiliated school principals attended the first day of Sahodaya national conference and brainstormed on innovative techniques of teaching and learning in school education. Different focus groups gave presentations on various issues pertaining to education.
The conference was held at DAVV auditorium on Khandwa Road and will continue for the next two days. The inaugural session was chaired by the CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi. He highlighted the need to increase questioning skills to enhance creativity of children.
Sahodaya Indore secretary and Prestige School principal Prakash Chaudhary said that the chairman told the participating principals that there is a mismatch in teaching and learning styles. Methods teachers use are different from how students seek to learn. Teaching and learning process will improve only when this gap is bridged, Chaudhary told

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