Rare tech can help you get rid of specs

INDORE: In one of the rare cases of eye defects, city doctors have performed a eye-surgery and helped a 21-year-old youth see clearly without his spectacles that he wore since he was five-years-old.
Aman Verma was frustrated as he could not see anything clearly unless he wore his thick heavy glasses with a point -9.5 number. Respite came with Dr Amit N Solanki, a phaco surgeon and glaucoma specialist who performed a surgery on Verma and gave him clear vision without his glasses.
Dr Solanki said, “We used Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) technology, which is the latest technology to treat such patients. We conducted a series of investigations and sent the lens specifications to Switzerland from where ICL have to be imported.” The others who helped him in treating the patients include Dr Pranay Singh, Dr Prateek Mahajan, Dr Ashok Solanki and Sachin Joldeo.

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