Tune in to Gyan Vani

After having an educational radio channel, Gyan Vani, that empowers students through its educational programmes through a network of 37 radio stations, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) is launching a community radio of its own.
“The purpose of establishing our community radio is to reach the deprived section of society and go beyond educating the local community. We want to engage with the local people and give them a sense of ownership. The programmes will dwell on issues such as health, basic hygiene , environment, fundamental rights, local governance, gender issues, etc. We hope to see the community radio functional in the next three-four months,” says Daljit Sachdeva, producer, community radio, Electronic Media Production Centre, Ignou.
The community radio will be heard on 91.2 megahertz at a radius of eight to 10 kilometres from the Ignou campus in Maidan Garhi. Initially, the transmission will be from threefour hours.

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