The Future of Rural Entrepreneurship-India

India has been steadily growing as an economic power in the past two decades and has been able to create the bare necessary infrastructure required to sustain this rate of growth. The connectivity to remote areas has been improved to a great extent both in terms of physical accessibility by road and aril and virtual accessibility in terms of telecommunications and information technology. Combined with this there is a steady growth in the education among the rural population including professional qualifications among rural youth. This presents the ideal situation for enterprises to spring in the rural areas where the cost of operation, labor and availability of raw materials is substantially cheaper as compared to urban parts of the country.
Type of Rural Entrepreneurship in Demand
The various types of sectors and enterprises currently witnessing a boom in the rural areas can be broadly classified under the following categories:

Agro Based Enterprises: These include direct sale or processing of agro products such as jaggery, sugar industries, pickles, oil processing from oil seeds, fruit juice, diary products, spices, etc.
Forest Based Industries: Such industries include wood products, bidi making, coir industry, bamboo products, honey, making eating plates from leaves.
Mineral based Industry: Such industries include cement industries, stone crushing, red oxide making, wall coating powders etc.
Textile Industry: These include weaving, spinning, coloring, bleaching.
Handicrafts: Such industries include making of wooden or bamboo handicrafts that are local to that area, traditional decorative products or toys and all other forms of handicrafts typical to the region.
Engineering: Small and medium sized industries to produce agricultural machinery, equipment for usage in rural areas etc.
Services: There are a wide range of services including m0obile repair, agriculture machinery servicing, etc which are being undertaken under this category.
Tourism: These activities including conduct of ethnic, eco and rural travels and tours by local operators.

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