IIM-Indore to help enhance quality of ‘higher education’ in India

The Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM-I) will now train educationists from across the country through its management capacity enhancement programme.
The initiative comes under union ministry of human resource development’s (HRD) plan of enhancing quality of higher education in the country. The plan is funded by the World Bank.
Under the ministry’s plan, IIM-I will train deans, head of departments and professors of various colleges and universities in the country.
The pilot session of the programme was held at IIM-I from January 16-26 which was attended by 24 selected educationists from the institutes of higher learning in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
“The programme has been initiated by HRD ministry and is funded by the World Bank. IIM-I is executing the programme and Prof Prashant Salwan is coordinating it,” said IIM-I public information officer Akhtar Parvez.

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