First Tourist to Visit Mars

A super rich businessman is all set to plan a trip to Mars!
The first tourist mission to Mars is being planned for 2018 and a multi-millionaire tycoon Dennis Tito; who is also a lover of astronomy, is all set to privately fund his trip to Earth’s neighbor. The expedition is being set up by Dennis Tito’s non-profit organization Inspiration Mars Foundation. The tycoon is planning on announcing the news to the world next week.
Dennis Tito is the first tourist to have planned his trip to space and is now set to break his own record this new Mars expedition. The trip is expected to last approximately 500 days and will commence in January 2018. However, Tito will not land on the planet or even enter the planet’s orbit. Dennis Tito is planning a return trip just around Mars. The cost of the trip is yet to be disclosed. However, Dennis stated that the first tourist trip would cost lesser than expected.

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