Sufi Goddess Abida Parveen mesmerises ‘Dama dam mast’ Dilli

The magic of great Sufi singer Abida Parveen, who displayed her musical and spiritual genius in Delhi on the third day of Jahan-e-Kusrau. As expected, hundreds of people were seen in que to get entry into the function whose show stopper would be the Pakistani sensation. Her popularity in India, once again suggested that art lovers cannot be divided by politics. As soon as her name was announced, the jam packed ground of the Humayun Tomb rose on its feet to welcome the mystic genius. A standing ovation in the starting was suggestive of the fact that she was not only praised, but prayed in the country. And with the first score taken by her, thousands were swinging in swirling motion, completely intoxicated in the magic of Sufism.

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