Why Language Insufficiency is not a small problem

“Clear thinking leads to clear communication. More important than the name of language we use, is the quality of language”, said Mrs. Sandeepa Jayaswal, head of the Department of Humanities. She was speaking to students in workshop on Soft skills at IPS Academy where eminent speakers conducted a two days workshop on Communicative English.

“Four pillars for good career are – professional qualification, good language, job-relevant skills, and experience”, said Mrs. Archana Choudhary, Principal IES. “Language, in strict sense cannot be taught; it can only be learned. Unfortunately youngsters give either too much importance to name of language and too little importance to the quality of language. Then when it comes by 2020.

Dr Deepa Vanjani and Dr. Dr Evelyn R Gaikwad stressed upon language acquiring system of today. It is perhaps the motivating factor that combines ‘organic’ process with trained mentorship and technological support, identifying levels of language learning with stress on enhancement of quality of language. The techniques for Communicative English are developed in such a way that learning happens as naturally and continuously as breathing, stated Anand Ingle and Neha Singh during the commencement of the workshop.

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