Japanese Computer Named World’s Fastest

-Japan has again brought home the title of “world′s fastest computer.” The “K Computer,” built by Fujitsu and the Riken national laboratory, runs at 8.162 petaflops, or about 70,000 times faster than an X-Box.

The rankings were announced today at the 26th International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’11) held in Hamburg, Germany. The rankings come out biannually, and the list released today recorded the first time that all of the world’s ten fastest computers ran at a rate fast than one quadrillion calculations per second.

The K computer is comprised of more than 800 computer racks with a total of 68,544 CPU. It achieved an extraordinarily high computing efficiency ratio of 93 percent, owing to the K computer’s integration of technologies, including its massive number of CPUs, the interconnectivity that links them together, and the software that is able to bring out the highest performance from the hardware.

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