The holy grail of computing –a single chip for everything — is the stuff of science fiction. But a small start-up incubated in the Indian Institute of Science’s (IISc) Society for Innovation and Development is working on a technology that is as good as it gets in the real world.


Morphing Machines Pvt. Ltd, founded by SK Nandy, a professor at IISc’s Supercomputer Education and Research Centre in Bangalore, has designed its first market-ready application in the emerging field of reconfigurable computing.


The concept of reconfigurable computing has been around since the 1960s, but efforts by countries such as Japan and the US to create applications in automobile engineering, avionics,

multimedia, mobile technologies and even personal computing have not been successful.


Consider this. A firm wants to make a chip for set-top boxes. Typically, it takes eight-nine months to develop one from scratch. Say six months down the line, the firm wants to manufacture a multimedia chip for a smart phone. It would be staring at another eight-month development cycle. Enter reconfigurable computing.


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