Mother Toddler -A unique pre school teaching methodology at IPS Academy

IPS has propounded a unique pre school teaching methodology called Mother Toddler concept that has challenged the conventional beliefs towards pre-school education. It is a wonderful time of learning and fun through music for mother and toddler (6 months to 1.5 years). This one year programme is held thrice a week in two batches. During 12 months you can take a dropout for a month of your choice.

During the program the mother and toddler participate in various activities that aid the Childs development. The mother is than expected to repeat the activities at home. The toddler is guided through fine motor activities, musical activities, spiritual activities, gross motor activities, dot cards, flash cards etc. Each new concept is introduced to the toddler using puppets, songs, drama and flash cards.

It is a know concept in metropolitan cities and many toddlers are successfully trained who can now accomplish unbelievable feasts. Parents have warmly embraced the concept since it helps them to understand their child better and help their child get the edge.

This has also increased the involvement of parents for better growing of child and with fewer expectations and more involvement.

In additional parents will be taught to enhance their skills without competition and conditioning the child.

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