My impressions about Joy fest-2011

“Joy fest- 2011” was held in IPS Academy from September, 26th -30th this year. It is one of the YI activities that take place under the patronage of Career Management Group, IPS Academy and IPS Academy, Indore. The theme of this entire event was “the joy of giving” and the activities of this entire week were based on it.

The activities in Joy fest-2011 included collecting funds for NGOs that support special children and old homes, collecting clothes and other items that others could probably use better, blood donation camp and of course visiting NGOs for students’ activities and organizing a potpourri of activities with the help of these NGOs on 30th September 2011. The students of various courses of IPS Academy participated whole heartedly as volunteers during the “Joy of Giving” week. Be it decoration of the college, arranging energizing drinks for blood donors and organizing the meals, drinks and other goodies for our special guests on 30th; our students contributed their best.

All of the activities under the umbrella of Joy fest were intended as a service to humanity and this has really helped inculcate a sense of being an important contributor to the society among our students. The entire week was filled with joy in the true sense. The campus seemed to have become alive in its true sense.

One special moment is really worth mentioning in this review of the Joy fest 2011 activities. The drama and dance performances by special and disabled children and the elderly were indeed praiseworthy. Nature has its own ways and gifts the right share to each one of us. The only lesson one can learn here is to be grateful for what one has come on this planet with. We need to ponder on how well we can truly live a purposeful life.

Joy fest 2011 has really added color and music to the life at IPS Academy. Students and teachers have also learnt some great lessons of life through this event.

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