Tech-Savvy “Kamwali Bai”

Do you wish that your ‘Bai’ (maidservant) should trained enough to get  your breakfast baked in the microwave, clothes washed in the machine and your room vacuumed, all without asking for your guidance on how to operate the gadgets?

Well, your wish can come true. The Industrial Training Institute (ITI)Indoreis busy transforming maids into tech-savvy domestic helps. The Institute is running a special course where it imparts knowledge about using the household gadgets to illiterate or semi-illiterate domestic helps.

“In this 50-day course that we run, we train the maids in how to use households gadgets safely and properly. The gadgets include microwave, washing machine, electric kettle, induction stove, geyser, vacuum cleaners and many more. We give them both theoretical and practical lessons “said course in-charge Rajendra Singh.

Singh claimed that this training would not only assist these domestic helps in using high-tech gadgets safely but also increase their chances of getting hired by the high class families.


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