Designer tattoos : Think twice

If you want to decide whether or not to get the tattoos, you will go with the new trend.

Doctors receive seversl cases of tattoo removal after festive seasons. Since getting inked has become common during Diwali and Navratri, especially among youngsters, many of them get tattoos removed after the gud time ends. However, the treatment for removal is more complicated than getting inked. On an average, it takes about two to five sittings depending on the depth and the size of the tattoo. After each sitting, an abrasion or scabs forms around the tattoo. It heals in two to three days. The procedure involves multiple sittings, and an interval of at least six weeks is needed in between these sessions.  

Several young girls and boys get tattoos of their boyfriends’/girlfriends’ names. And the Doctors frequently get cases where they want to remove these tattoos after a break-up or before they marry someone else.

However, yellow, pink or red coloured-tattoos may pose some difficulty as they don’t respond well to laser. Thus, even after the removal procedure, one may find remnants


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