Choose the right seat in Airplane

Forget the window seat next time you’re booking a flight longer than six hours. According to new research, enjoying window views from 30,000 feet ups your odds of suffering from deep venous thromboses (DVTs)—or blood clots—than being in an aisle seat. Some studies have suggested it can increase risk two-fold.

“When you sit still for long periods of time, gravity causes your blood to pool in your legs, making it easier for clots to form. When you walk around, each step causes contractions in your calf returning blood to the heart.

DVTs are rare—occurring in about one of every 5,000 airline passengers. But if you’re on a cross-country haul, make it a point to get up every hour or two. While seated, get your calf muscles contracting—flex and extend your ankles to help blood flow.

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