Yoga can cure every disease, But….

Yoga therapy can cure every disease and disorder, even cancer, says a Delhi-based yoga therapist but warns against the mass teaching of yoga – including popular pranayams like kapalbhati and anulom vilom – saying “they can cause complications”.

“Yoga cannot be universalised…like prescribing a paracetamol tablet.
People have different physiologies and each person`s response to yoga is individualistic. Therefore, there can`t be standardisation of yoga for any particular disorder.”
Bhastrika, a popular yogic pranayam that many people do while following an expert on television, can cause asthma.
“In bhastrika pranayam you pump the lungs. It can hyperventilate the lungs and people can develop asthma.”
Another popular pranayam, kapalbhati, is “dangerous, especially for women”.
“If kapalbhati is done without `bandhas`, or shutting the anus and vagina, then the pressure will fall on the visceral organs (internal organs) and they will be pushed downwards. Women can develop uterus prolapse (where the uterus can sag from its normal position).”

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