A step closer : Flying car

US firm announced the successful test flight of a street- legal airplane.as the drivers hoping to slip the surly — and traffic congested — bonds of Earth moved a step closer to realising their dream .
Massachusetts based firm Terrafugia said their production prototype ‘Transition’carplane had successfully carried out an eightminute test flight, clearing the way for it to hit the market within a year.
‘With this flight, the team demonstrated an ability to accomplish what had been called an impossible dream.
Spanning 90 inches ( 2.3m) as a car, it fits into a normal- sized garage, before unfurling a 26’6′( 8m) wingspan. To take advantage, would- be owners will need to have both a drivers and pilots license — with a minimum of 20 hours of flying time.
The craft needs 762 metres of runway for take off.

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