Tips for Cool Home in Summer

During this time not only is the mercury rising but so is your electricity bills.
Give your air-conditioner a rest for some hours during the day. And while you do this, open all the windows in your home. Let the occasional breeze grace your home, instead of keeping your home completely closed all day.
Ensure that you have light-coloured curtains.
Keep potted plants in your house.
Replace your ordinary lights and bulbs with fluorescent ones.
The building up of internal heat in homes is due to electrical appliances. Make sure not to place your television, lamps and other heat-generating devices close to the air-conditioner.
It’s a good idea to paint the ceiling or the roof of your house white in colour, as the colour helps in keeping the home cooler.
Ideally, one should avoid cooking during the hottest part of the day, i.e. afternoons.

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