Indoreans unite to protect environment of the City

To add to the beauty of the city and provide shelters to birds, IPS Academy students have been planting thousands of saplings. The students of IPSA STUDIO, Rural School of Kasturba Gram, Women Polytechnic College and other schools have planted saplings at zoo and at their respective institutions.
Mr. Alok RAthore a Member of BJP Nagriya Prakoshth, said they formed a Green Indore Club in our City aiming to plant trees and protect animals.
Sunil Sharma of Acropolis College of Engineering believes that it is the responsibility of the people to save the environment. “It is for the first time I planted a sapling. I would like to see it becoming a tree,” said Sunil, adding that he often visits the place to check out whether the sapling that he has planted is safe and growing.
Meena Mishra of Carmel Convent School said she loves to volunteer for environmental protection, but she cannot devote her entire time to take care of plants as she preoccupied with her routine. Another student Kavita Kidwani of Arnold High School is excited to be a part of a campaign “Save environment”. She said she always wanted to plant trees but there was no space in her house to carry out the plantation. After joining the club, she can now fulfill her wish by planting trees at places falling under her campaign. However, she is of the view that looking after plants is a bit difficult task.
Karuna International’s Sudhir Khetawat said around 2,846 school principals have given their consent to form a club at their respective schools and join the campaign. District education officer Rajani Jadhav is also planning to set up environment clubs in 2,735 primary, middle and higher schools across the district.

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