Special Classes in schools

The internet and television are fast becoming a major source of knowledge for children. Among serious studies on the computer, children are also taking a peek into the secret world of adults.
Many children have been caught watching pornography while parents thought they were surfing the net for their school projects.
It’s a very good idea because children are getting wrong information. So schools have to take up the responsibility. Schools need to handle the psychology of the child as well. It should be implemented properly. Children are at an impressionable age. The education is best imparted to them in the presence of child psychologists to make them understand better.
Lack of communication from either teachers and parents is perhaps pushing children to the cyber world to find their answers. While teachers feel parents are teaching them the basics at home, parents feel teachers are doing the same in school. Actually, it’s the duty of both. Since parents shy away from answering some of their embarrassing questions, they get more curious. And when there’s no information coming from the teachers either, they become restless and click the mouse.

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