Mobile Apps for the entrepreneurs

Now entrepreneurs get facilitated to their business with the help of many mobile apps available in the market now –a-days. They are free to download according to your need.

Drop a file like a PDF or a PowerPoint presentation in your DropBox and it is instantly reachable on all your computers and phone so you can access or share your files while on the go. Never miss your documents again.
Wi-Fi Finder
Quickly find wifi hotspots when traveling so you can get your email fix and info downloads without paying freight. The app uses GPS to locate wifi locations nearby and even tells you how to get there. You can filter by free or paid and type of location.
JotNot Scanner Pro
No fax? No problem. Now you can scan and send right from your mobile phone. Scan multipage documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards and notes with your phone’s camera and this app converts them to PDFs that you can then email. Or, if you really want to fax it, they can handle that for you for a small fee. Save yourself time, hassle and paper!
Gwabbit’s patent-pending semantic technology simplifies contact capture and management, automatically scanning incoming e-mails and transforming sender information into contact records in your address book.
Bento organizes the details of your life, no matter how large or how small. Its 25 ready-to-use, customizable database templates manage contacts, schedules, inventory and other professional and personal information.

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