Special laser & 3D tech Wedding cards

INDORE: Indoreans are sparing no expenses to make their wedding ceremonies go down the memory lanes of at least their kin and acquaintances. As such, ample attention is being paid not just to the wedding attires and venue decoration but also to wedding invitation cards by making them unique in every aspect. From traditional fabric scrolls and those with royal gold and silver foil works to latest hi-tech cards with laser engraved and 3D designs, Indoreans are leaving no stone unturned to make their cards look special.

City markets too are ensuring that the stock meets the fancy of those exclusivity lovers. Even latest technology is coming handy. Laser-beam engraved cards in silk fabric are in vogue. Envelopes are out and the cards are being sent in carved wooden boxes with sugar-free sweets and even imported chocolates.

Prabuddha Kothari a weeding card designer says, “People are looking for fashionable designs and demand things which have never been seen before. Laser engraved designs and designer fabric scrolls are the latest designs loved by all the customers. The traditional Ganesh engraved on the cards have been replaced by Madhubani style paintings to give the card a royal punch.”

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