“Always be true to yourself” Says Ar. Achal Chaudhary ‘President of IPS Academy’

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Ques:- Firstly you are an architect, then an educationist and a well known social personality. How do you manage all these three things?
Ans- See, architect doesn’t mean a building designer , architect is a life designer, a visionary , so he has to visualized all the things and that’s what made me a successful architect, an educationist and a social person.

Ques:- How you realized that architect is a correct field for you as a career?
Ans:- That was 44 years back when I selected this course, but that is what was my liking right from birth and my parents never objected me doing anything. They left decision on to me.

Ques:- When Indore was converting into mini Bombay, sir had played a vital role in that progress. Sir please tell us something about that.
Ans:- I came to Indore in 1975, that time people were not much aware of architects. So I had to do lots of struggling, but with my background of IIT, with my new ideas I could give Indore what it is today, that skyline the high rise buildings that is what I could start, could make people understand.
I was the first one to bring the idea of multi-storey building in Indore and thanks to Indorians got very good response and what I am today because of that success.

Ques:- Being an architect , how you entered in an educational field?
Ans:- An architect has to visualized all the aspects of life.He has to be a visionary. So while designing all the projects, I felt the necessity that Indore is lacking in terms of good educational school, so that what brought me into this field.

Ques:- Sir, according to you what are the changes you would like to do in education field as it is changing a lot?
Ans:- Technology has developed a lot. Everything is available on internet.There is no death of knowledge everything is available on your click, but along with that socialization and cultural need is there.So at school level what we have to teach is pay more stress on these social activities , more stress on making them a good personality and basically teach them how to learn, how to make use of these modern technology.

Ques:- An incident from which you are inspired .
Ans:- Everyone has a turning point in his life.I came from a small town but the school was good , teachers were good. It was a Hindi medium school but in 10th class , I felt that let us continue with English medium , teacher gave me good marks. so that is what motivated me to do wonders . That was my turning point.

Ques:- Ideal person of your life.
Ans:- In physical form, I don’t have an ideal person but many ideas of different people together, I have a figure so I follow certain ideas and ideals and many of them are related with Jainism.

Ques:- Greatest strength of your life?
Ans:- My wife, she is an educationist.

Ques:- Message for people.
Ans:- Always true to yourself. Do what your conscious allows.

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