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Indore. Result 11-point demands including the issue of delay under the banner of the NSUI students on Friday, bordered on the campus of the University of Nalanda. Three and a half hour away, more than two thousand students converged performance. VC during the meet – started abusing the university students are to go to court. What could be more shameful? University campus from 11 am Students arriving.

The police were stationed at the gate, so students could not come up there. Students shouting again and again tried to go to the gate, but the police have not completed their plans. Performance also met with congressional leaders. The first senior leader Anil Shastri and Szznsinh Verma MP, MLA Ashwin Joshi Satyanarayan Patel, Archana Jaiswal, pinto Joshi, Narendra Saluja arrived there. Vice Chancellor Prof protesting after two hours. DP Singh came to the gate.

However, the memorandum was being given, there are students chanting slogans against him and education minister. VC could not be two minutes and returned. 11 of them were asked to talk to people. VC 11 officers arrived at the cabin and discussed. VC assured to fulfill the demands of Mahinebr.

The three-year BA course are done in five years

VC – I have read the demand letter. Five demands examination and evaluation, Attiketi, marksheet and to different degrees, the window (Window System) to start. We considered that one day a month by the superiors of the committee will start the process. Challenge of improving form is spoken. Describe how to improve?

NSUI office bearers – student fills out the form, copy watches challenge. Also explains the growing points and points in the hope remains that they do not move. Sir, you are visiting our University Children’s Court. What could be more shameful?
VC – we are trying to impose on the Academic Calendar. Compared to other regions of the leading university but I am not satisfied.

Officials – are undergoing a three-year BA course in five years. “In the spring semester have problems. Students are able to study further.
VC – are undergoing reform.

Officials – Attiketi final semester examination of student benefits from supplementary examination. Teaching Department of the University administration to give the opportunity to test, why not?
VC – The state government had given special permission for the exam last year. Will try this time.

Officials – to try and make the difference in getting things done. You can either do all the work soon.
VC – I’ll speak on a personal level.

Officials – everything you could want. Will benefit thousands of children. We just have to listen to you or are they not?
VC – No, we have something that we can do it all. We have written to the rule. Will make copies available. Will also send a reminder. ‘ll Talk on the phone.

Officer – with test results announced to date.
VC – can not set the date but the term can be declared.

Officer – The evaluation assessed incorrectly, correct the problem as exemplar loss and results to be delayed. Change charge. OSD you do with the money. If you speak to them, they have come to take our FIR. We can give evidence.
VC – I did not come to the FIR. I’m not aware of it. You have to give evidence.

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