Babbu of Indore reaches to finals of PETA contest

The cutest Dog of Indore Babbu has got selected for the final round of Cutest Indian Dog Alive contest organized by PETA. According to Coordinator of PETA India campaign Chani Singh, PETA has started this competition to promote people to cradle this pet who saves their life and helps them.
Pet owners of across India took part in this competition and Babbu has reached the final round. The guardian of Babbu is Khalid Mohammad Kuraishi who has adopted many Indian community dogs including Babbu.
The winner of this competition will be crowned as Cutest dog of India and also get gift of 100% Indian Dog T-shirt. The owner of Dog would also receive T-Shirt of My Dog Is Rescue and book Let’s have Dog Party autographed by founder of PETA E Ingrid Newkirk.

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